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the Maniacal Smile Minus 1 Cover Story
Mike Foss
Rob Rhine
Rob Rhine
Rob Rhine
Ben Filipiak
Cover By
Rob Rhine
Tony Kordos
The Maniacal Smile | 5pg. | Color | .99 US
Issue Minus One • SOLD OUT!

Follow the story of Alex McClendon, a guy cursed with the unusual power of SUPER IBS, on his whirlwind adventures through the city of Utopia. Equipped with the greatest battle suit known to man, The Maniacal Smile does his best to keep evil at bay. This one’s putting the comic back into comic books!

Born with super irritable bowel syndrome, Alex McClendon uses his powers to protect the city of Utopia. And when he dons The Maniacal Smile suit, you can be sure that there'll be a splatter of action. Keeping Alex from just farting around with his powers are his ex-hero Uncle Rich and his lab assistant the enigmatic E.V.I.L. Robot. But not everyone knows that Alex is the Maniacal Smile. His best friends Puffy, who owns a comic book shop, and Nikki can never seem to spend any time with the ever-disappearing Alex. Teenage angst, girl problems, and city destroying threats are all a day in the life of THE MANIACAL SMILE!